The Most Expensive Couples Watches in the World

Matching watches for couples are a great way to showcase your feelings for each other. Whether you love to sport identical designs or complementary ones, they offer a unique opportunity to display affection.Expensive couples watches also make a great wedding or anniversary gift that shows thoughtfulness.His and hers matching watches come in a variety of designs from whimsical couples watches and antique vintage design pieces to watches for wanderlust couples and eco-friendly wooden watches.These watches all bear distinct romantic designs that are as unique as the love you share.

Matching expensive couples watches do not always have to be identical. They could share a common theme as do these two harmonious pieces. The feminine Lyra comes in a brushed titanium finish while his Chrono comes in brushed gunmetal.Both pieces are classy and give great attention to the small details in their craftsmanship. The design is timeless and the aesthetics are a step ahead of the making them the perfect gift for the couple that has everything. Find His Here & Hers Here.

We all have those friends for whom nothing will do but a pocket watch. If they happen to be a couple, then these matching expensive couples watches are the best choice.They go beyond the ordinary pocket watch thanks to their ornate craftsmanship. They also have a personalization option that allows you to take the gift a notch higher. The unique vintage style is a guarantee that they will never go out of style. Find Them Here.