The Best ‘His & Hers’ Watches For Couples

To many couples, the idea of a “his-and-hers” watch duo is appealing. The idea is to have sets of watches from the same brand and collection which are offered in equally appealing men’s and women’s variants. Thus, there is typically a larger and more masculinized “his” version, as well as typically a smaller and possibly more decorative “hers” version of the same model watch. His-and-hers watch sets are common enough, but finding ones that look just as good on both people is a bit more challenging. Below, we round up many of the most classic and best watches for couples that further demonstrate the importance and power of truly versatile watch designs.

A quick note on same-sex couples who may be similarly interested in matching, yet distinct timepieces. The situation for these couples is actually less challenging, as in many instances the choice will be not a watch model that has good-looking versions in various sizes, but rather watches which are mostly the same but with material, color, or other cosmetic differences. Same-sex couples looking for matching best couples watches thus may have an easier time, though specific such recommendations are outside the scope of this article.

It is, perhaps, little surprise that classic-looking,best couples watches tend to look the best in both smaller and larger sizes. More distinctive or artistic timepiece designs tend to look best in a more narrow set of design considerations. With that said, you’ll notice that some watch models from the same brand are quite different in “his form” versus “her form.” The real challenge really comes down to selecting a duo of watches that both members of the couple enjoy equally.