Swiss Couple Watches Mens and Women Automatic For Valentine’s Day

We like our automatic couple watches to be kind of in sync with one another, yet with distinct personalities at the same time – just like how real couples should be. While both models flaunt the Ocean collection’s trademark case profile and bi-retrograde displays, they are also unique in their own ways. The gent’s version is a stately affair with perpetual calendar complication, while the ladies’ creation exudes glamour and sass in its blue mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set rose gold case.

This is a legit something-to-remember-the-year-by type of watch, if you are into that sort of thing. The Santos collection that has been recently revived is the hot-ticket collection of the moment and perfect for those looking at a Cartier-something to commemorate the relationship. For men, we picked a couples waches with automatic movement, and for the women, a stylish pink gold that is sophisticated and versatile.

The world of automatic couples watches can seem daunting at a first glance. With a vast majority of watch wearers in our modern day, so use to quartz (battery powered) watches, which simply keep ticking until a replacement battery is needed, automatic watches take on a whole new demeanour and functionality in comparison.